David Simard began The Heavy Wait in an old church outside of Montréal, continued to grow and expand it in Paris and finished it in Vancouver. More than one year’s worth of time, tens of thousands of kilometers traveled, and a harrowing amount of patience went into the capture of this album, on which each of these elements have left their mark.

The eleven songs are selected from eight years’ worth of material. Some of them are new, but echo strongly their older siblings. Others are songs that never quite fit in but then rang like a tuning fork from the next room upon hearing their resonant partner. The lion’s share of the album was recorded live off the floor in two days with the same dear rhythm section from my previous release and countless concerts in Montréal. They dug in hard and deep, attempting to imbue the tunes with a presence so palpable and persistent that it would further entwine them, regardless of age. The Heavy Wait was the band’s chosen mantra during that first session in Montréal and has stubbornly continued to accumulate mass right through to the present.

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Produced by AVA