#Passé Press Futur


PasséPressFutur gathered a corpus of drawings printed in letterpress to illustrate the comical and visually imaginative spirit of the French language. Jukebox Print, based in Vancouver, invited select artists to produce exclusive art work for this exhibition. The result illustrates the talent and the vivid imagination of these illustrators and graphists, sublimely executed by Jukebox’s traditional production style.

#PasséPressFutur also succeeded in underlining the timelessness of Jukebox’s « savoir-faire », a printer who draws upon their sense of innovation using techniques of the past to serve the present and to inspire the projects of the future. More than just a humorous allusion, the collaborators involved expressed their desire to link Vancouver and Paris, and to arouse cultural and professional exchanges between Canada and France, between the industry and the arts.

Selected artists for #PasséPressFutur were:

Exhibition currated by AVA.

Letterpress Printing - When Art Illustrates French Expressions from Jukebox on Vimeo.